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A. Validity of the Terms

1. These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to legal transactions by TMC Tourism Marketing Consulting GmbH (TMC for short), which it concludes within the scope of its activities described in point B.1. TMC expressly contradicts the general terms and conditions of its contractual partners: These only apply if they are recognized by TMC in writing.

2. Should individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions be or become invalid, this does not change the validity of the remaining provisions. Invalid provisions are to be replaced within the framework of the contract interpretation by provisions that come closest to the economic purpose of the invalid provision.

B. Scope of services and contract form

1. TMC takes on the planning, organization and execution of incentive trips.

2. The exact scope of the services to be provided and the time of the services results from the program attached to the order in question, drawn up with the customer and signed by both contracting parties, which forms an integral part of the order in question.

3. TMC is authorized to use self-chosen service providers to fulfill the contract. If the customer refuses to perform with the help of a specific service provider, he must inform TMC of this during the program planning phase and this must be noted in the program and signed by both contracting parties. In the case of relevant company agreements on the part of the customer with international hotel chains and/or airlines, insofar as these are to be taken into account for the program creation, these are to be communicated to TMC by the customer.

All contacts with the service providers (hotels, restaurants, local tour guides, destination management companies, transport companies, artists, etc.) must be made exclusively via TMC.

4. Conclusion of contract
The conclusion of the contract must be in writing.

C. Price Changes

1. The prices offered, which were confirmed when the contract was concluded, apply exclusively to bookings for the number of people specified in the contract.

2. TMC also reserves the right to increase the prices for reasons that are not dependent on their will if the time of the conclusion of the contract is more than two months before the start of the trip. These are, among other things, the exchange rates or changes in transport costs relevant to the travel event in question, as well as airport fees, fuel costs, hotel costs, etc.

D. Payment, Cancellation, Performance Disruptions, Withdrawal

1. The booking, payment and cancellation conditions of the respective program apply based on the conditions agreed with the service providers at the destination.

2. TMC is entitled to cancel the trip in cases of force majeure. The customer agrees to the provision of a replacement or partial service, provided that this is possible at the same time as the prevented service provision or within one year. War, political unrest, acts of terrorism, epidemics, confiscation or other public authority measures, strikes, lockouts or other labor disputes, natural disasters, machine damage, machine breakdown or other circumstances for which TMC is not responsible or which can only be remedied with unreasonable expenses are deemed to be force majeure.

TMC expressly points out that there is a risk of strikes on all national and international airlines, airports and air traffic controllers, which the organizer cannot rule out.

E. Information obligations and other ancillary service obligations

1. It is assumed that it is known that, as a rule, a passport is required for trips abroad that is still valid for at least six months upon entry.

2. TMC also provides information on the respective foreign passport, visa and health entry regulations, vaccinations and, on request, on foreign exchange and customs regulations, insofar as these can be found out in Austria.

3. Unless otherwise informed by TMC from the customer, it is assumed that all travelers have Austrian citizenship when fulfilling the information obligation regarding foreign entry and exit regulations. If a traveler has foreign nationality or dual nationality, the customer must inform TMC of this in good time.

4. The customer must ensure that the necessary documents are provided and that the health regulations are met.

5. If the individual travel participants do not meet the relevant regulations, the customer must bear the resulting costs.

6. TMC expressly points out that airlines that are on the "black list" of unsafe airlines will not be used. Here the  current list .

F. Insurances

The customer must take care of the necessary travel, repatriation, baggage, health and cancellation insurance. TMC expressly points out that strikes and COVID 19 should be covered by the insurance to be taken out, as TMC assumes no liability for this. More information about COVID 19 and insurance coverage:

G. Venue Agreement

Place of jurisdiction is Vienna

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